Thursday, April 26, 2012

Window boxes

Most of my friends know of my great admiration of the Europeans and their great zeal for gardening.  I am the president of a college garden club and in our meetings I feel like I am always making references to one of two things:  a.) hydrangeas, or b.) Europeans!  Thankfully I have a good deal of English and Dutch blood so my green thumb is more like a green hand!

For several years I wanted to become a residential architect.  I believe that my keen eye (and appreciation!) for aesthetics is derived from years and years of cultivating flowers.  Well let me just say that those Europeans know how to make a house look good!  Their windows, doors, trimwork, and their gardens are generally a bit more "refined" than the average American residence.  Even the smallest, dinkiest Euro cottage is likely to be significantly more attractive (one might say "charming") than the smallest, dinkiest American shack.  I think I know one of their secrets....

Enter my appreciation for window boxes.  I love the things.  So do those Old Worlders across the pond.

Not only are they nice to look at and can they "soften" the facade of a house, but they are a cool way to maximize one's effective gardening space (which is certainly the primary reason why they are generally more prevalent in urban gardens in Paris, Rome, Berlin, others).  A few American cities are particularly noteworthy for beautiful window boxes, especially Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood (probably my favorite urban district in this country) and essentially anywhere in Charleston and Savannah, two of our most gorgeous American cities.

While we do not have bona-fide window boxes (i.e. underneath, well, windows) we do have window boxes along the railing of our backyard deck.  For a space such as a deck, it is a great idea to use plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds.  Dinner is always fun when there's some entertainment, right?

One of the things that fascinates me most about container gardening (e.g. pots, boxes) is the infinite number of beautiful "recipes" as they are called.  Equally fascinating is the equally infinite number of bad ones.  If you have window boxes, what do you like to grow in them?  I try new combinations each year so please share any ideas or suggestions that you may have!  In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures below--they provide a snippet of the endless opportunities for window box gardening!

from 10
(Acorn Street in Beacon Hill, possibly the most beautiful street in the US)

from This Old House

from TravelPod
(those Europeans strike again!)

Nothing shy of perfection!  This might be my favorite window box picture ever.

Extra stunning because of its simplicity!

from Lakeshore Images



  1. Brings window dressing to a whole new level. Just spectacular window boxes. Flowers can dress up any home.

  2. I can clearly see why you admire European gardening. The beautiful plants and flowers are so noticeable and striking. They’re even more attractive because they are placed on stylish, well-crafted, window boxes. They really dressed up the home exterior. They’re really quite lovely! These are amazing, perfect actually!

    Carlene Legrande

  3. Living in a place surrounded by stunning flowers like these, is very inspiring. These colorful flowers add an aesthetic significance to the windows. This place only proves that having a limited space is not an impediment to have beautiful garden. In fact, having window boxes can allow us to nurture lively flowers and plants.

    Danielle Bailey

  4. Window boxes with beautiful flowers always look so lovely, no matter what kind of flowers are on them. My grandma had one of these too a few years back, and they never failed to cheer her up every time she was sick. I used to take care of her flowers and plants when I was a kid. These pictures bring a lot of happy memories.

  5. Thanks for the comments! Window boxes are one of those things that really seem to grab ahold of hearts, young and old.

  6. Wow! These photos are definitely beautiful! I agree to what William said. A beautiful flower really adds more beauty to our house especially to our windows. Simple windows could turn into extraordinary windows with the help of different kinds of flowers. Choosing just the right color will beautify your window!

  7. Yeah, I totally agree. Europeans are indeed great designers. They know how to transform simple things into exquisite ones just by adding some accessories. They also know where and how to put it. They really have a keen eye for beauty. :) By the way, your most has made me appreciate window boxes with beautiful flowers, too!

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